It has already been one year since everyone was dressed to the nines to wish each other well. The year-end festivities are back again. It is time for the Christmas Party. As a manager, do you know what your responsibilities are? As an employee, are you aware that even though you are not getting paid and are not at the workplace, not everything is allowed?

In the holiday spirit, let’s have some fun! :) Are the following statements true or false?

Ginette sprains her ankle at the office Christmas party while dancing the “Macarena”. This a work accident.

If an employee is injured during a Christmas party, CNESST will not compensate them. An employee who accepts their employer’s invitation to the Christmas party does so voluntarily. This means that they assume 100% of the risks that may arise during the evening!

Sébastien tells his colleague that: “Going to an office party is like going to Las Vegas, what happens at the party, stays at the party… Woo-hoo!”


A Christmas party that has been organized by your employer becomes an extension of the workplace. If an employee acts rudely or is physically or verbally violent, they are liable to disciplinary action that could lead to dismissal. At all of the activities they organize, the employer must provide a healthy environment that is free from all forms of violence and harassment.

***To avoid receiving a complaint of harassment on the Monday following your Christmas party, we advise you to remind employees of the company’s policies on harassment and civility.

Employees are responsible for their alcohol consumption. They are adults, after all!

In Québec, the employer is not legally required to monitor their employees. We recommend however, stipulating certain preventive measures for your employees. These include providing alternatives to driving, limiting alcohol consumption, providing breathalyzers and safe ride services, promoting Operation Red Nose, or paying for taxis, etc.

Always be careful because the pictures and comments that may appear on social media are public and can tarnish your image and reputation. Remember, what you do at the Christmas party will follow you to the coffee machine on Monday morning!

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During the holiday season, the Sanon Consulting team wishes you the best and hopes that 2017 brings you success!

See you next year!