Congratulations on your new management position. A new manager’s first 100 days in a company can feel quite as uptight as the first meal on the first date. It’s likely that you might be feeling a bit tensed, curious, confused or excited – whatever the feeling is, be sure to know that it’s completely normal. Regardless of whatever direction your emotions turn, great leaders understand the significance of starting strong and not allowing these emotions get the best of them. Rather, they would employ these energies created to assist them in accelerating their performance. It has been stated that the first 100 days of a newly hired manager or leader is the most crucial. This period is when the tone of leadership is set, strategic connections with employees built, engage with partners and clients, and begin to create and build your vision. For a newly employed manager, your first 100 days can be a subtle high-wire act, burdened with pressure to perform but also to listen. Your natural behaviors, formal decisions, and symbolic acts will be closely analyzed by the people who has the same interest in your organization. Everything you say and do conveys a message, establishes expectations, set tones and points a path for your new leadership group. 

Once you got the job, you must ensure that you maintain this new position in a successful way. Your first 100 days as the new manager of a company is the period to build a concrete foundation for long-term success, as well as setting your people and management strategies. These first three months are the period to secure an exhaustive understanding of your new environment and to gain the confidence of the CEO, executive team, and even your management leadership team. To set the tone for a longer-term success and to enhance the prospect of further achievements, the significance of making an impact in your first 100 days as a new manager cannot be overemphasized – taking into consideration, pace and speed being the most crucial factors in leadership. This period is used as an early indicator of your future career achievements or “pulse check” on your leadership performance. It also offers an opportunity for you to exponentially maximize and multiply your leadership insights and efforts through their team.

5 Tips For Managers To Be Successful in Their New Role

 1. Build Relationships

Build Relationships Building relationships with those above you and peers are your first responsibility as a new manager. This is a strategic move that will enable you to acquire the essential resources to be successful.

2. Focus on Teamwork

Teamwork is an essential ingredient you need to succeed as a new manager. Shifting your focus from me to we. As your personal contribution would no longer measure your success. Rather you would be assessed on your capacity to build and maintain a highly engaged team giving their all.

3. Find Your Leadership Style While Accepting Feedback

Most people are going to have their own reservations on how best you should lead. As much as it is advisable to listen to your mentors, you have to find and develop our unique leadership style.

4. Reward Outperforming Employees

To create an active and dynamic culture, it’s important for you to build a great rewarding system that credits outperforming team members when due.

5. Employ Existing Strengths in Meeting New Expectations

Moving up to a new leadership position changes your daily activities as well as your overall function in an organization. The probable challenges most new managers encounter is understanding how they can employ their existing skills and strength gained from the previous position in their new role to meet expectations. The first 100 days of managerial leadership positions are not easy, as your first few weeks are vital to your future in the company. Companies expect the people they hire to be successful because this has a direct impact on the overall success of the organization. Therefore, it is required of you to make an impression as quickly as possible before your window closes. Additionally, making a swift-paced start enhances your prospects of succeeding in your management role, allowing for more powerful team performance and positions you for further promotion within the company.

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