At this time of year, we’re seeing reds and pinks, flowers, teddy bears and of course chocolate, so we decided in February to write about interpersonal relationships at work. An employee spends an average of 7 to 8 hours a day at work. The associations that are created in a workplace between individuals are called “interpersonal relationships at work”. Studies have shown an increase in productivity among employees who have a good working relationship. Here are three tips that will help improve your interpersonal relationships.

Interpersonal communication

Interpersonal communication is a very broad topic. We will simply list two examples, including the usual greetings such as “good morning” and “have a good evening”. This rule of civility is unfortunately too often forgotten and certainly sets the tone for your day. You find yourself speaking with your colleague and asking for help, without having taken the time, an hour and a half earlier, to say a simple “hello” to him. One of the most common means of communication in business is email. Make sure that when sending emails, you always start with the usual greetings and that this correspondence contains no ambiguity or double meaning. Clarity is necessary and especially avoid copying, the infamous “cc”, individuals who should not be there.


Whether attending a team meeting, or during the lunch break or just chatting near the coffee machine, it is important to assert yourself. Indeed, it is the ideal forum for sharing, exchanging and building relationships. You must ensure that your opinions and ideas are heard all while respecting others. Asserting yourself does not necessarily mean convincing others to adhere to your school of thought. Rather, it is to avoid negative feelings such as frustration, anger, jealousy and resentment. Such behaviors can lead to the creation of subgroups that will unfortunately not contribute to the growth of the company. Instead they will undermine the work climate.

Let it go

Letting go means accepting, up to some extent, our limits. But in the workplace, I define it as a good self-control and the ability to not take things too much to heart! It is normal to get involved in your work, to want to contribute to the advancement of your organization. However, ask yourself the question: at what price? Your greatest ally in interpersonal relationships at work is your ability to put your ego aside. In many ways, we need to think about collective well-being, teamwork, to the detriment of our individual needs/expectations. Some people have very communicative facial expressions and need to be even more vigilant ... If you adhere to a decision verbally, make sure that this is also true of your non-verbal language! Let go, achieve some serenity and you will see a change in your relationships!

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