It’s the beginning of the year and here are they! They are already back, those infamous RESOLUTIONS! So let’s get on the bandwagon and ask you the question, what will be your resolutions for 2017? Smokers will most likely say that they want to quit smoking. If this is the case I invite you to visit The vast majority will undeniably want to lose weight or get healthier . For others, they either have too many resolutions, or their resolutions are not specific enough.

In a professional context, why not resolve to be happy at work?

Here are 5 keys that will help make you happy at work throughout 2017!

1. SMART goals that lead to that “small pat on the back”  

It is essential to have Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely objectives. This will highlight your "good moves" and they can be emphasized immediately and not several months later. The small “pat on the back” is always welcome!

2. Money Does Not Buy Happiness

Although the vast majority of employees wants to make more money, that doesn’t mean it can solve every problem. An increase in salary will undoubtedly make you happy for some time. 12% of employees are willing to accept a $10,000 pay cut if they can join a team that allows them to grow and where the work climate is good. You will only need a few months to realize that you need to earn even more money to achieve another level of satisfaction. Most of the time, we create needs by comparing ourselves to others.


3. Increase Your Prospects by Learning New Things

When you attend training sessions, you enrich yourself while bringing added value to the organization. Acquiring new knowledge will give you the opportunity to grow towards new responsibilities. Having new challenges creates the feeling of re-engagement with the organization.

4. A Healthy Work Environment

A healthy work environment helps build strong relationships among colleagues. If you want to feel good working for the company, you must have a “best friend at work”. This person will listen to you and boost your self-esteem. This friend does not need to be at the same hierarchical level as you; however, it is essential that there be an honest and authentic trust between you.


5. Work-Family Balance

Work is not a means to an end which is why it is absolutely necessary to find a balance at all costs. When you are happy in your personal life you flourish professionally. And it goes both ways. Try to leave work at the agreed time and avoid bringing work home with you. Take full advantage of your evenings and your weekends with family and friends. This will help you decrease stress.


6. Happiness May Be Found Elsewhere BONUS

It may be that to be happy at work, you have no choice but to give in your resignation. When you are in a conflict situation with management or even with your immediate supervisor, or you are not satisfied with your compensation or are experiencing an unhealthy working environment, leave the organization and avoid any form of resulting illness.

Are you ready to resolve to be happy at work? A happy employee is more productive, more involved, performs better and is more proactive. If you want to have other keys to making this resolution your new reality, do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you a Happy New Year!



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