Over the years, Quebec has experienced a significant increase in birth rate. This has contributed to the economy of the province, of course; nevertheless, this has led to an ever increasing challenge of work-life balance. Work-life balance is a concept that has taken a major place in the management of the human resources of Quebec companies and is still very attributable to the female gender. Is the type of the woman who works really realistic? Some do show up while others do not. Several factors in relation to the requirements of the position and your personality must be taken into consideration.

You will notice the following:

  • Fall in work performance
  • Refusing to change positions
  • Rejecting promotion
  • Rise in your turnover rate
  • Rise in absenteeism
  • Increased delay


As an employer you must control these unwanted situations. The time has come to focus on the real needs of your employees before implementing new practices. Sweden, one of the most forward-looking countries in labor relations, has introduced a law allowing parents of children aged 8 and under to reduce their normal working hours up to 25 per cent. This reduction in working hours allows parents to focus on their family, children's activities while in the labor market. We are not proposing such measure to our Quebec companies. On the other hand, what advantages would you derive from it?

Here are some:

  • Decrease in staff turnover
  • Better recruitment and staff retention
  • Reduction in absences, short-term disability and work-related injuries
  • Reduced interruptions and distractions during the working day
  • Rise in the level of commitment and sense of belonging
  • Flexibility in work schedules which contributes to better customer service
  • Stress reduction Improved management workload
  • Improving health and well being

We believe that a good balance between personal and professional life allows employees to contribute more substantially to the achievement of organizational goals. Therefore, we can support you in the development and implementation of measures that allow employees in your company to effectively balance their work and family. Make work-life balance a reality in your business! www.sanonrh.com




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