Research shows that some errors could occur, most likely that of "similarity", during a recruitment process and even in the evaluation of a candidate. Often, without realizing it, an employer tends to hire someone who looks like him or other members of his team, for example: man, woman, white, black, Maghreb, etc. Generally, this is done without malice, however, it is important to be aware of this problem in order to rectify the situation and ensure to provide the greatest possible workplace diversity. One of the crucial factors in the effectiveness of the organization is diversity, but also it is beneficial, here are three.

1. Facilitates recruitment

When a company promotes diversity, it gives an opportunity to several types of candidate and it also solves the under staffing. Most times, young people, retirees, immigrants, workers, members of visible minorities or ethnic minorities born in Canada, disabled persons and even Aboriginals with equal abilities are set aside.Stress is one of the devastating factor of work welfare. Most people do say that stress is inevitable in our lives. What happens to us in these places has an impact on our private life due to the fact that most of our time is spent at work. Therefore, it is important to find the source of this stress. Is it the schedule, a colleague or the workload? When an employer takes time to listen to the employees and equip them by referring them to the EAP (Employee Assistance Program) or mentoring, there would be an obvious improvement in the job delivery.


2. Increases profitability

Companies that adopt a diversity policy are enjoying an increase in their turnover. Homogeneity may mean that your work force is fabricated, for instance, young parents who will all utilize parental leave, or early retirees, who plan to resign. A company with a diverse workforce will experience an increase of 5% -15% in its revenue, these employees will help improve customer service as well as the company's reputation.


3. Improves the reputation of the company

Exactly, let's talk about the company’s reputation, it is a major topic for an executive. Clients are becoming more aware of informing the organization before making the promoting it, using their services or consuming their products. It also applies to generations Y, Z and the millennia. A company that embraces diversity becomes more attractive. This implies respect for ethics, fairness laws in the workplace and provide an environment free of any form of discrimination. In short, it becomes a favorable employer.

Finally, diversity is an asset to any organization. This allows them to innovate, create and undertake new projects. Sanon Consulting offers human resources outsourcing services where we are going to make sure you respect the Equal Employment Opportunity Act.

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