The everyday life of several workers is so much alike with the return of classes. Once the workday is over, we rush to the car to arrive at guard service on time. After several minutes in traffic, it is the race to go home to do homework, supper, baths and if there is time, rest. With the return to school and the resumption of regular activities, it is important to remember that it is not only the vagaries of personal life that can lead to exhaustion. Many people work hard and can fall into the "burn-in". What is «burn-in»? «Burn-in» occurs before «burnout». It is the situation whereby an individual exhausts himself without admitting it. It is manifested mainly by excessive presenteeism at work. The employee in «burn-in» does more and spends excessive hours at work, even if physical or psychological reasons (flu, cold, gastro, depression...) should keep him away. The latter thinks himself indispensable, accumulates the hours and the meetings. Contrary to what one might think, fatigue and decreased motivation are not necessarily the first symptom of "burnout". According to numerous studies, the number of people physically present but mentally absent would be four times higher than the number of people without sickness. The precariousness of jobs, work overload, short deadlines, unrealistic goals, the need for recognition, an organizational culture focused on performance and fear of losing one's job are factors that explain the phenomenon of «burn-in».

What to do? Here are some simple steps that can be taken when meeting one is in a "burn-in" period: Take a break from work Sports to relieve stress Go out with friends Request for help

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