For many years, October has been Occupational Health Month in Canada. For some employers, providing a healthy environment which is free of all forms of abuse and apparent abuse implies that no specific action is required. On the contrary, October offers you the opportunity to celebrate health and wellness in your workplace, in all its forms and any stage of improvement. Sanon Consulting considers that your employees are the main wealth of your organization so, healthy employees is a priority! This is why we offer you a range of services: assistance program, compliance policy, reference documents on occupational health and safety, absences management and prevention, newsletters and news about the latest news from CNESST. In short, health in its entirety!

In this month of work welfare, why not take the bull by the horns and take advantage of it to make changes? I challenge you to improve your workplace with the difference in service offered by Sanon Consulting or by offering activities that promote physical, financial and psychological well-being and safety at work. We would like to share some ideas for activities. You could invite a sport center such as JayTrain during lunch time to see the demonstration of what functional training is. This could be an opportunity for you to partner with a sport center to get preferential rates for your employees or just talk about physical well-being. In addition, you could invite a financial expert to discuss the concept of financial well-being, budgeting, personal finance management, debt, etc. Talking about money is often a taboo in our society, but good financial well-being is paramount in our daily choices. Finally, we should not ignore mental well-being. Depressions, burn-outs, burn-in and anxiety are increasingly present in workplaces. Why not take the time to sensitize your employees to the various symptoms. You can call on a psychologist or a speaker to come to your company. In the case of continuous improvement, you can set up a questionnaire to find those who are being stressed at work. In summary, the ideas are innumerable and often inexpensive.

Therefore, health should be prioritized in your organization from 1st October 1 to 31st, 2017,! Who knows, some positive changes could be adopted throughout the year! If you would like to support this project, please contact us at 514-416-5152 or visit our page www.sanonrh.com.




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