Spaghetti Straps, Babouches and Bermuda shorts. These would be nice if we were packing for summer vacation, but nope, it’s what more employees are wearing to workplaces during the summer periods, despite dress code policies.With summer comes hotter weather and trips to the lake, pool, or beach. Since summer just got here — time to remind employees that the workplace cannot become a full-time beach or pool. When the summer heat begins to rise, it doesn't suggest skirt lengths in the office should rise, also. The same goes for Bermuda shorts, spaghetti straps, plunging necklines, babouches and flip-flops.


While summer is habitually linked with a more laid-back, casual feeling, you still have to dress in a professional way at work. What employees prefer to wear can impact a company’s image and, in some scenarios, present safety hazards.Furthermore, a lack of clothing could as well create a workplace that can be distracting and uncomfortable to co-workers and clients. It’s imperative that every employee dresses professionally all the time and is informed of the standard of workplace dress code.When a company promotes diversity, it gives an opportunity to several types of candidate and it also solves the under staffing. Most times, young people, retirees, immigrants, workers, members of visible minorities or ethnic minorities born in Canada, disabled persons and even Aboriginals with equal abilities are set aside.Stress is one of the devastating factor of work welfare. Most people do say that stress is inevitable in our lives. What happens to us in these places has an impact on our private life due to the fact that most of our time is spent at work. Therefore, it is important to find the source of this stress. Is it the schedule, a colleague or the workload? When an employer takes time to listen to the employees and equip them by referring them to the EAP (Employee Assistance Program) or mentoring, there would be an obvious improvement in the job delivery.

An employee was asked one time to cover up or otherwise wear a bra to keep from distracting other male workers who were dissatisfied about her ‘bralessness’. Your outfit is an expression of your personality, and your colleagues’ judgement of you will be formed based on that impression. Your necklines shouldn’t be too revealing, neither should your skirts lengths be too short. Revealing your bra straps are also a crystal-clear no-no. If you are uncertain of what is suitable, seek guidance from your human resources department.

Staying classic in the way you dress and adding a twist of fun prints or the season’s new colour could be a fine approach to incorporate summer into your official ward rope. A well-written and comprehensive attire or dress code policy might, thus, be vital, as it establishes the rules to managers and employees, and sets the tone and standards the employer desires to set.

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