You have just spent three weeks of vacation in Canada. It's love at first sight without so much expectation. You like good citizenship, the ability to communicate in two languages everywhere, multiculturalism, etc. A mind-boggling suddenly crosses your mind, that of migrating. Make a fresh start in a new country.Spaghetti Straps, Babouches and Bermuda shorts. These would be nice if we were packing for summer vacation, but nope, it’s what more employees are wearing to workplaces during the summer periods, despite dress code policies.With summer comes hotter weather and trips to the lake, pool, or beach. Since summer just got here — time to remind employees that the workplace cannot become a full-time beach or pool. When the summer heat begins to rise, it doesn't suggest skirt lengths in the office should rise, also. The same goes for Bermuda shorts, spaghetti straps, plunging necklines, babouches and flip-flops.


Everything seems so simple. You will be able to start by getting a small job in the local coffee shop, during your stay you were able to create a frank camaraderie with the owner who was ready to employ you. Then, you will only have to find a small apartment not too expensive. Your savings may settle other costs. What remains for you to do now is to go back to your home country, to plan your departure and you're done!

For some, this scenario may seem to pull through the hair to the impossible limit. While for others it's already seen! We are frequently approached by tourists wishing to work in Canada. During the preliminary analysis , we realize that they do not have a "work permit". Permit what? A work permit. There are two types. The "open" work permit allows you to work for any employer in Canada that excludes those working in the sex industry. You also have the one "linked to an employer". You are only permitted to work for the employer who sponsored you according to the conditions indicated on the work permit, such as the duration of the contract, the place and the name of the company. You will also get a social insurance card with an expiry date that will be the same as the one on the permit.

It is true that after having the valid documents you are finally ready to work on Canadian soil and begin your new life. Although the logical thing to do would be to get a job, before you even apply for this famous license, you must determine your eligibility. Do you have a study permit? A temporary residence permit? Have you applied for asylum or permanent residence? All of the questions that must be answered clearly, with supporting evidence, before applying for a work permit. Working in Canada? Yes it's possible. Nearly 200,000 foreign workers come to Canada with a temporary work permit every year, but you just have to do it right from the start to avoid starting from scratch even in your home country.

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